Top tips in getting a quick sale

19 Sep 2021

First impressions count... Get your home ready for viewings

Homes are selling in just 26 days right now. Here, experienced estate agents reveal how you can make sure yours is one of them.

The days of baking bread to wow prospective buyers are gone. In 2021, people looking for their next home have very different expectations.

Properties today are selling fast, with homes taking just 26 days to sell. So how can you you give your home the edge when it comes to viewings?

1. Take things outside


Make the front and back gardens, or any communal spaces, as neat as a pin. 

Green lawns and nicely kept gardens full of flowers will make buyers want to stop for longer and imagine themselves using the space.

Go to the garden centre and invest in some pots and blooms, use fertiliser to make the lawn look healthier and sprinkle compost over the flower beds.

Garden furniture and clever planting can break up a large garden and indicate to buyers how they might use it at different times of the day.

2. Show off home office potential

More of us are working from home more often. And while the kitchen table might have been okay during lockdown, a home office is a must-have for many homehunters in 2021.

Even if you're selling an open-plan flat with no obvious office space, creating a work area with a desk that can be pulled down from the wall will help prospective buyers imagine themselves doing their best work in the space.

3. Make the decor aspirational

Viewers will be looking at your house imagining themselves living there.

If you update the decor before selling, choose a neutral palette to lighten and brighten the walls, making everything look crisp and clean.

Play to your property’s strengths, choosing appropriate colours and styles and brightening up dark corners and hallways with lighter shades.

If you have an open-plan home then create zoned areas to show functionality, such as a dining area, desk space or a kid’s play area. But leave plenty of room for flow as buyers look around and imagine their own furniture in position.

4. Ship your pets out

Puppies and kittens might be in high demand as a result of successive lockdowns. But no matter how delightful you find your cat, dog or rare reptile, not everyone is a pet lover.

Some buyers might be allergic to or terrified of your four-legged friend. And Rover might take issue with strangers tramping through his house and behave territorially.

It’s best for everyone if you give your pet a break elsewhere while you get on with selling your home.

5. Get your scrubbing brushes out

We know everyone knows this already, but cleanliness really is important when it comes to first impressions.

If you want to clean up financially by achieving your asking price, then don your marigolds to get your home looking sparkling.

Remove distracting mess, bleach the bathroom, shine the windows, wipe down the skirting boards and make sure that even the insides of the cupboards are well kept.

Look forensically at your home and try to see the ingrained grime you might have stopped noticing. If it’s really bad and won’t wipe off, consider a new lick of paint.